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The best way to start this year is to take action. You have to take a step, not just a step, but the right step. The right step taken in the wrong direction may well be as bad as not taking any step at all. As an individual or a corporate organization, you have to prioritize and set goals to enable you evaluate your performance appropriately. For the individual who seeks to improve his chances of career growth and the corporate entity who would want to improve her processes to line up with international standards, ISO certification should be one of your year 2020 priorities.

The only thing that happens without planning is failure. As an individual or corporate body, it is through a well thought out and carefully implemented plan that success is assured. As a corporate entity, you cannot continuously aspire to grow, when your processes are devoid of international standards. Corporate bodies who have resolved not to comply with global best practices, may well remain submerged in mediocrity, without having to enjoy the advantages that accrue from compliance with known standards .As they constantly evade or even rig the laid down procedures for standards, so they remain local players with steadily diminishing fortunes.

Numerous advantages accrue to both individuals and corporate bodies who undertake ISO certification. For the individual, your obtaining a certification on any category of ISO, promises to boost your career in many ways. The skills and knowledge gained, places you as either an auditor or even running a private consultancy. Besides, your bargaining power in the ever choking labour market is enhanced.

For the corporate entity, your being ISO certified gives you countless advantages. For instance, ISO 9001 certification, gives the assurance that all your processes are evaluated and standardized. It affirms that you comply with the procedures for quality products and services. Your certification on Quality Management System, make your business efficient and productive, placing you ahead of your competitors. This builds the confidence of customers and brings about customer satisfaction. Apart from the above, certification on ISO 14001, helps you develop a better environmental management system. It helps you measure environmental impact and consequently improve on it.ISO 14001 helps you improve on environmental performance through efficient use of resources and cutting down waste. In the overall, it enables you identify, manage, monitor, and control environmental issues in holistic manner. For companies who are involved in food production and processing, ISO 22000 certification, shows that you have meet all the best standards for the chain of food production, which covers preparation, packaging and transportation. Thereby helping you build the trust of customers. The above advantages are just to mention a few out of several benefits that certification in different ISO categories bring.

If you ever consider ISO certification, then the best place for both your individual and corporate certification is the Oil and Gas Training Institute, Sentels Plaza, East-West Road, Opposite Deeper Life Headquarters, Port Harcourt. Our February ISO training schedule is as follows:
February 10, 2020
ISO 9001 QMS
ISO14001 EMS

February 29, 2020
ISO 30301
ISO 22000
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
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Posted: February 04, 2020 03:23 am



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