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EU to fund 40 Nigerian Exchange Students

As part of its goal of deepening collaboration with Nigeria, the European Union is sending 40 Nigerian Students to 12 different countries in Europe for a fully funded educational exchange

The students selected from all parts of the country were gathered for a pre-departure orientation, in Abuja

Moyo Thomas reports that the European union has so far invested about 2.6 billion naira on the Erasmus Plus programme that started in 2014.

Under different scholarship scheme of the European Union, about 12,000 Nigerians have benefited in the last decade. These gestures according to the European Union Ambassador to Nigeria, Kertil Karlsen, will further discourage irregular migration to Europe

He also said all Nigerian students sent on scholarship have performed Excellently and were good Nigerian Ambassadors.

Christian Oganbule is one of the 40 awardees, he believes this opportunity will broaden his horizon.

While most countries in Europe rank between the 1st and 10th positions on education index, Nigeria takes a very backward position of 123rd in world education ranking according to the Legatum prosperity Index 2018

Posted: August 09, 2019 03:25 pm



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