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MARINENG: Redefining Excellence in Marine/ Oil and Gas Equipment Leasing Industry in Nigeria

Marineng has greatly impacted the marine/oil and gas equipment leasing industry in so many ways in Nigeria. One can comfortably say that the coming of marineng into the industry has brought unquantifiable value. There are several concepts that the company has introduced, that have revolutionized the industry in many ways. Before now, there was almost no event that brought industry players and stakeholders together .All that is now history, since marineng entered the scene. From time to time, many events that seek to improve performance and efficiency in the industry is frequently planned and executed workshops, seminars, conferences, etc., that were once rare, have become common place in the industry, courtesy of marineng.

Through the efforts of marineng, there is now a periodic equipment exhibition fair. This in itself is a great innovation in the industry. Prior to this time, equipment owners had very little avenue to showcase their business to the world. But that has all changed. With the introduction of equipment exhibition, corporate and private equipment owners now have the much sort after plat form to advertise their business to potential customers. The publicity and exposure from this, has given many businesses a new life and consequently broadened their scope, customer base and coverage.

Marineng is a company with many “firsts”. We can say with a great degree of confidence that the company was among the first to introduce free tracking service into the industry. When our equipment are leased, Free tracking is one of the additional services we render to clients to enable them keep a watch of their goods or consignment from point of departure to destination. Again, due to the volatile nature of coastal states occasioned by insecurity, especially in the marine / oil and gas industry, marineng now offers additional security services to clients and customers who choose us for their marine / oil and gas equipment leasing; without any additional charges. We are about the only companies that does this. We also handle any additional logistics that directly stem from our services.

Apart from equipment leasing, marineng is also into equipment management and manpower supplies for both corporate entities and individuals.

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Posted: November 23, 2020 06:50 am



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