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Many organizations struggle and gasp for survival.Tons of efforts expended on expansion of production,aggressive marketing,re branding and adoption of what they consider cost effective methods,all these done to gain a considerable size of the market,but most often yield marginal gains.The direct consequence being that most of these firms are situated in what looks like a cycle: the more they aspire,the more they flutter.

On the other hand,multiple examples abound of numerous organisations with great success stories and impact.What has become obvious ,is that these organisations making giant strides,huge successes and great profits have one thing in common:Quality.Quality speaks for itself.As good as expansion of production and the employment of other strategies for greater out put are,nothing replaces quality.Organisations whose products are quality assured bear little or no cost to make them successful brands.Quality itself does not just happen,but results when an organisation complies with the procedures,requirements and guidelines for standards.This is where ISO CERTIFICATION comes in.

Until an organisation is certified by an accredited ISO CERTIFICATION BODY,its claim to quality remains a lip service.In the Oil and Gas Training Institute Port Harcourt, we handle both corporate and individual ISO certification.We are a foremost oil and gas training institute, with long years of experience,fully accredited,our certificates are internationally recognized.

Our February ISO training dates are:
ISO 9001 QMS
ISO 14001 EMS

ISO 22000 Food Safety
ISO 9001 QMS
ISO 14001 EMS

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Posted: January 29, 2020 08:12 am



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